Malaysians Spent RM277 On Average During This Year's 11.11 Sale

More people are spending online.

  • Friday, 29 November 2019
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Malaysians Spent RM277 On Average During This Year's 11.11 Sale

The Black Friday Sales kicks off today (29 November), and many of us have already emptied our pockets.

Originally from the United States, Black Friday was first introduced in 1924 in New York but in recent years have become popular the world over, thanks to the internet.

But Black Friday Sale is not the only online sale that has become popular.

Judging by the data gather by the folks at iPrice Group, a Malaysian-based information aggregator platform, during the singles sale on 11 November this year, Malaysians do love to shop online. 

Work hard, shop harder

According to the data, there was a 13 per cent increase in the amount Malaysians spent on 11.11 this year as compared to 2018. 

In fact, Malaysians spent an average of RM277 per person this year, iPrice reported. 

This year, consumers spent most on electronic and automotive items.

Electronics are generally expensive so it is not surprising to see people buying them when they are on sale, but iPrice said that automotive items weren't always something that people bought online. 

The most popular automotive items sold during the sale were car care and car accessories, while the most popular electronic items were lights, and appliances for home and office use. 

Health products on the rise

Other than electronics and automotive items, several categories recorded growth this year too.

There was a 94 per cent surge in the sale of items under the Kids and Toys category, and a 85 per cent rise in the sale of products under Living category. 

Man Attempts Suicide After Finding Out Out Wife Spent Over RM100,000 During 11.11 Sales

Also, consumers spent an average of RM683 on gym equipment, the study revealed. 

Looks like Malaysians are getting more into the healthy lifestyle, or at least trying to.

People also spent a lot on watches (RM392 on average) and RM419 on eyecare products

iPrice said that the high spending on these items are likely because of "high-value price tag".

The company added that the popularity of online shopping in Malaysia is at an all-time high and there is more room for growth. 

The variety of items bought also showed that Malaysians are open to buying all kinds of things online, so if you want to start an online business, give it a go! 

Since it's Black Friday, it's yet another chance to get great bargains online. What are you buying, or have you already emptied your wallets?

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