China's Ambassador: 'We Will Teach Chinese Tourists To Behave Properly In M'sia'

Good luck.

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China's Ambassador: 'We Will Teach Chinese Tourists To Behave Properly In M'sia'

Shouldn't have done that, missy.

We’ve always read in the news about how badly-behaved Chinese nationals could be, especially when they play the role of tourists.

And to be honest, it's safe to say that we would have personally experienced these bad behaviours at least once ourselves.

Things have gotten so bad that the Chinese government is planning an intervention.

Chinese embassy 'concerned'

Oh, behave!
Taking the matter into consideration, China’s Ambassador to Malaysia Bai Tian told the Malay Mail that China will teach its citizens how to behave when visiting Malaysia as tourists.

According to the news portal, Bai revealed that he was notified of complaints on its citizens being disrespectful of Malaysians’ sensitivities.

Those actions, he said, had embarrassed Beijing.

“The Chinese have a civilisation dating back 5,000 years and we know how to behave properly and not offend others,” he was quoted as saying, adding that the embassy here was concerned over such reports.

Please don't do this anymore.
Previously, the news of Chinese tourists dancing inappropriately in front of a Sabah mosque riled up Malaysians, and Bai apologised for their behaviours.

“What the Malaysian authorities did was right. On our part, we will educate our tourists to behave properly in Malaysia.”

Tourism Malaysia’s data reveals that China contributes the third-highest number of tourists to Malaysia in 2017, with a total of 2,281,666 visitors, as well as in 2018, with 2,944,133 visitors.

While they are at it, can they teach them how to talk softer too? That would be really helpful.

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