JAIS: Some Bubble Tea Operators In Selangor Uses Non-Halal Ingredients

Be extra cautious, guys!

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JAIS: Some Bubble Tea Operators In Selangor Uses Non-Halal Ingredients
If you swear by your boba tea or your favourite bubble tea brand, well, you got to be extra cautious moving forward. 

That's because local authorities have found that several bubble tea operators might have been using non-halal ingredients all this while.

No halal certs

In a report by The New Straits Times, the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) has detected a number of premises serving bubble tea drinks with ingredients that are not certified halal.

Quoting JAIS halal management section chief assistant director Wan Najmiah Wan Mohamad Ali, the daily said that they found most of the ingredients are imported from Taiwan and they have no halal certification logo.

Wan Najmiah, however, told NST that JAIS would be monitoring such premises to avoid confusion to Muslim consumers.

Only three brands have halal cert.
“Many of the premises employ Muslim workers and this would confuse the consumers.

“When a bubble tea product becomes viral on social media, people don’t usually think twice about getting their hands on the drinks.

“They are willing to queue for it, without investigating if the premises have halal certification,” she was quoted as saying.

There are currently more than 100 bubble tea brands in the country (according to this website), but Wan Najmiah revealed that only Tealive, CoolBlog dan Chatime had obtained halal status, while other operators had yet to apply for it.

So guys, question everything before you grab a cup of boba tea from your favourite operator, 'kay?

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