7kg Of Trash, Including Underwear, Found In Dead Deer's Stomach

Poor deer :(

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7kg Of Trash, Including Underwear, Found In Dead Deer's Stomach
The Bangkok Post & ABC News

Sorry, little deer.

Plastic pollution is real, and we have heard so much about it, especially how it affects the lives of animals.
Who can forget the viral photo of an olive ridley sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck up its nose, right?
We have also read news of animals dying from consuming plastic, and the latest will break your heart.

Garbage in the stomach 

Poor deer.
The Bangkok Post reported that a wild deer was found dead at the Khun Sathan National Park on 25 November (Friday).
We would be OK if the deer died purely because of old age, but chances are it didn't.
That's because according to the news website, when officials cut open the stomach of the 200kg adult deer, they found 7kg of rubbish inside.
Among the rubbish found in the poor deer's stomach include coffee and instant noodle packets, plastic bags, rubber gloves, handkerchiefs, plastic rope and even a pair of underwear!
They even found a pair of underwear.
The report also revealed that the deer, which was thin with some signs of hair loss and deterioration of hoofs, had no external wounds or cuts, and the rubbish was found only after it was cut open.

Officials said it may have died from a combination of gastrointestinal obstruction, as well as old age (it was reportedly more than 10 years old).

Guys, please try to reduce the usage of plastic and we can't stress this enough: do not litter.

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