M’sians Outraged As Silat Athlete Kicked In The Face After Falling Down At SEA Games

Another #SEAGamesFail?

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M’sians Outraged As Silat Athlete Kicked In The Face After Falling Down At SEA Games

This shouldn't happen in the first place!

The 30th installation of the SEA Games is currently in full swing in the Philippines.

Dubbed as “the worst SEA Games ever” after attracting a string of controversies even before the sporting officially begun, it seems that an incident that took place on Tuesday really ruffled Malaysians’ feathers.

A short clip showing Malaysian silat athlete Faizul Nasir competing against Filipino Dines Dumaan in the pencak silat category went viral after Faizul was kicked in the face shortly after he fell to the ground.

The clip sparked nationwide outrage.

The two-time defending champion was clearly in pain while holding his head on the ground but it took some time before the medical team finally approached him for assistance.
According to RTM, the medical team, who was stationed by the court, reacted late because they thought that “he’s still capable to compete”.

How late? Let’s just say that even after the jury had declared the winner, Faizul was still on the floor.
In the clip, coaches can be seen shouting at the doctor on duty for her incompetence.

Get well soon Faizul.
He was taken to the hospital and underwent a CT Scan. Faizul is reportedly conscious and in a stable condition, but he is still under observation.

The distressing incident has attracted the attention of Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq, who said via his Twitter: “Malaysia tidak boleh berdiam diri. Saya telah arahkan pihak Malaysia untuk ambil tindakan dan hantar nota protest. I know you’ve tried your best Faizul. Malaysia is proud of you.”
Here’s what other Malaysians are saying about the controversy:
We hope that justice will prevail for Faizul. You did your best, and you’re still a national hero in our eyes!

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