An Art Gallery In Miami Is Selling A Banana And Tape Installation For RM500,000

It's the third edition. The first two were sold for a higher price.

  • Friday, 6 December 2019
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An Art Gallery In Miami Is Selling A Banana And Tape Installation For RM500,000

OK guys, we have found the next get-rich scheme - the easiest scam to pull off without getting into trouble with the police. 

Forget all about Prince Abdul Albuquerque from Sudan leaving millions to you via email; all you need is just a banana and some duct tape. 

Pricey art

An art gallery based in the US, Art Basel Miami Beach, is reportedly selling a banana taped to the wall with duct tape for a whopping USD120,000.

When you convert that to Ringgit, it is around RM499,320 - the price of a BMW Z4.

A brand-new BMW or a banana? Of course the banana lah!

And get this: it's already been sold!

That and two other editions, which also sold for similar prices, reportedly fetched USD150,000 (about RM625,000) each, since people are willing to pay and all. 

Artnet discovered this very "creative" art by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, who is apparently known for his dark humour and depiction of things, people and animals in a comical way. 

In fact, the banana-duct-tape is titled "Comedian". Hmm... maybe we just don't have the depth to understand his brilliance. 

According to CNN, the 'Comedian' is Cattelan's first contribution to an art fair for 15 years, so maybe that justifies the price tag?

Gold standard

Of course you can't just be any Tom, Dick or Harry if you want to charge that much for a banana and duct tape. 

We got curious and Googled Cattelan and found that he's quite a big deal in the art scene. 

One of his works, a functioning golden toilet bowl, made headlines again this year when it got stolen from the Blenheim Palace in United Kingdom. 

Art, guys
The toiled bowl, titled 'America', was priced at USD6 million (close to RM25 million). While arrests have been made, the toilet bowl hasn't been found yet. 

His other works includes headstones with the words "The End" on them (which looks like any other headstone to us, TBH), an envelope and a man stuck to the wall...with duct tapes. 

We kinda dig this one, though
That's it guys, it's time to go out and buy some duct tapes and create art. 

This could just be our ticket to retiring early and travelling the world! 

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