Miniature Horse Spotted Traveling As A Passenger On A Plane

Bizarre but true.

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Miniature Horse Spotted Traveling As A Passenger On A Plane
Instagram/PassengerShaming & Instagram/service_horse_honey

Check out this adorable thing!

When you're flying on a plane, one of the worse things that could happen to you is having an unruly, inconsiderate neighbour.

But what if the passenger next to you is a horse?

Yep, that actually happened.

Picture went viral

A picture showing a miniature horse flying in the economy class of an American plane has gone viral recently.

The picture was shared by an Instagram page called @Passangershaming:

Naturally, a lot of netizens got excited over the photo, while some of them got angry, claiming the horse was mistreated, channeling a lot of attention to the post.

The post has so far collected more than 7,800 likes and more than 1,000 comments.

It's totally legal

Passenger Shaming later came up with the explanation for the photo, and revealed that it is actually legal to fly a miniature horse as a passenger.

That's because in the United States, miniature horses can be registered as service animals.

American Airlines, meanwhile, allows cats, dogs and yes, even miniature horses, on their flights, as long as they are registered as a service animal. Among the conditions to bring such animals onto a flight include that the animals must be able to fit at a passenger’s feet, under their seat or in their lap.

Passenger Shaming also explained that the horse isn’t just a horse, but a “legitimate, highly-trained service animal used for the blind.”

Meet Honey.
According to another Instagram account, @service_horse_honey, the horse in the picture is named Honey, a 10 year old American miniature horse.

In fact, Honey has been serving as an active service animal since the age of three.

We definitely wouldn't mind sitting next to this cutie, that's for sure!

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