Pygmy Elephant The Latest To Die Due To Human Actions

We really don't deserve this earth.

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Pygmy Elephant The Latest To Die Due To Human Actions

A Borneo pygmy elephant was found dead near Lahat Datu on Monday (9 December), believed to be poisoned. 

The Star Online reported the elephant is believed to have consumed toxic material, which led to its death.

No external injuries were found on the elephant, but it reportedly bled through its ears, nostrils and mouth. 

This is just so sadHowever, authorities are still waiting for toxicology tests​ to confirm the cause of the elephant's death.

According to the report, the carcass of the poor elephant was found by villagers, surrounded by a few elephants.

An endangered species

On 3 November, another pygmy elephant was found floating in the Kinabatangan River, believed to have died of poisoning as well. 

In September, a bull elephant was shot to death by poachers, while another elephant was also found with gunshot wounds in October. 

Pygmy elephants are the smallest of its kind.
Pygmy elephants are the smallest of its species and is classified as endangered. There are only about 1,500 of them left in the wild.

Rapid development has caused the shrinking of their habitat, forcing them into contact with humans, which then creates a conflict. 

Many end up dead due to human reaction, and this is worrisome enough for the government to come up with steps to keep them safe. 

A 10-year Sabah Elephant Management Action Plan is reportedly in the works, and we hope that it will help keep not just the elephants but also other animals safe. 

Looking at all these unneccessary deaths of our animal friends, we're beginning to think Thanos has got the right idea. 

Only, he should just destroy half the human population instead of all living things. 

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