Study: Malaysia Has 'High' Non-Native Command Of English

Wow, not too shabby.

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Study: Malaysia Has 'High' Non-Native Command Of English
Despite our Manglish and bahasa rojak, we Malaysians actually have a pretty good command of the English language.

And we have a recent survey to prove it!

Malaysia made top 30 

Malay Mail reported that based on a recent survey done by international education firm EF Education First, Malaysia is considered to have “high” non-native command of English.

The firm’s EF English Proficiency Index 2019, which rated 100 countries and regions, ranked Malaysia at the 26th place with a 58.55 score.

However, we still lost to our closest neighbour, Singapore!

The same index found Singapore to have “very high” English proficiency. The republic was placed fifth globally with a 66.82 score.

Nevertheless, Malaysia still came above other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Macau (they were considered “moderate”), as well as Vietnam, Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Nepal that were rated “low”.

Other countries in the Asian region categorised as “very low” include Bangladesh, Maldives, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Cambodia Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

If you are wondering about the top three nations in the index, they are Netherlands (ranked first, 70.27 score), Sweden (68.74) and Norway (67.93).

The index said “very high” proficiency meant that the non-native speakers of a country understood the nuances of the language, could read difficult texts easily, and converse fluently with a native speaker.

“High” proficiency, meanwhile, meant the ability to read an English language newspaper, understand a show in the language, and deliver a work presentation in English.

A total of 2.3 million participants globally took part in EF's free online test to evaluate their reading and listening skills in 2018.

Wow, not bad ah our England!

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