Not A Stretch: Famed Thai Massage Gets UNESCO’s Prestigious Heritage Status

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Not A Stretch: Famed Thai Massage Gets UNESCO’s Prestigious Heritage Status

Great choice!

How many of you have visited Thailand and experienced the country’s famous Thai massage?

If you have, then it sure must have been an unforgettable experience because the body-folding, sharp-elbowed techniques will leave your body aching (but in a good way) and help release tension in places you never knew existed.

And if you count yourself a fan of the Thai massage, you'll be glad to hear that it's getting the recognition it deserves.

A long history

According to a report by AFP-Relaxnews, the relaxing Thai massage, also known as nuad Thai, has been added into UNESCO’s prestigious heritage list.

The announcement was made during the body's meeting in the Colombian capital of Bogota on 9 to 14 December.

Said to be originated from India, doctors and monks were said to have brought these methods to Thailand nearly 2,500 years ago.

Under Thailand’s King Rama III rule in the nineteenth century, scholars engraved their knowledge of the field onto the stones of the famous Wat Pho temple.

But the practice really took off in 1962, thanks to the formation of the Reclining Buddha School in the temple. It has since trained more than 200,000 massage therapists who practice in 145 countries.

The teachings, which focus on directing blood circulation around problem areas to solve muscle aches, are known to help relieve back pain, headaches, insomnia and even anxiety.

We don't know about you, but we definitely need to book a Thai massage now.

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