Out Of This World: 11-Year-Old Malaysian Boy Wins NASA Challenge

The kid knows coding!

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Out Of This World: 11-Year-Old Malaysian Boy Wins NASA Challenge

What a clever young man.

Yet another Malaysian has shown that we have great talents and minds amongst us. 

And this time, this Malaysian has not even graduated from primary school yet.

To infinity and beyond

11-year-old Alvin Voon emerged as one of the four winners of  the “Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story” challenge organised by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in collaboration with Tynker, a company that teaches coding for kids. 

Meet the little genius.
According to The Sun, the student from SJKC Chung Hua Miri, was one of the four winners of Tynker’s Moon2Mars Challenges.

For his hard work, Voon scored himself a video call date with a NASA scientist.

The news portal reported that Voon has been learning coding at the Realfun Learning Centre in Miri since March 2018, and have been regularly entering competitions. 

Not only that, he was also the winner of the Young Innovator Challenge held in Malaysia recently.

A challenge of the mind

Alvin and his mentor.
Using their imaginative and coding skills, students were required to come up with a storyline based on a brief provided by NASA. 

This year, students were required to imagine that they are on a space programme to the moon in 2024. 

The NASA website has a guide to some of the questions the stories should address, such as what kind of technologies the participants will expect to see, what it will take to survive on the surface and in the Gateway, what they expect to see and more. 

The entries were then evaluated by a team of NASA experts, and the winners will be selected based on its originality, execution and effective use of code.

Congratulations Alvin Voon, and kudos to his parents for supporting him. 

Now, we also want to go and learn some coding so we can get noticed by NASA. 

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