Man Who Was Reported Missing In Melaka Walked Back To His Home...In Perak!

Wait, what?

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Man Who Was Reported Missing In Melaka Walked Back To His Home...In Perak!

Most bizarre-st case ever!

We've all been there: you reached the bus stop a little bit too late and you missed your bus, so you have no choice but to walk home.

But nothing beats this one Malaysian man who walked home from another state almost 300km away!

He was reported missing

Harian Metro reported that the indigenous man was first reported missing at the Jus Batang Dam in Jasin, Melaka on 5 December.

On 6 December, the Melaka Fire and Rescue Department received a missing person report, filed by one of his friends. 

While the search was ongoing, he was walking home.
According to him, while working on the dam, the 23-year-old man went off to urinate and just disappeared.

The Department then mounted a search and rescue mission involving 37 people from the Fire Department, Civil Defence Force and even the Royal Malaysia Police to try and locate the youngster.

Unbeknownst to them, the young man was already making his way back home.

Bizarre incident

Jasin District Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Mispani Hamdan told the daily that the man turned up at his house in Sungkai, Perak, at about 6pm on 8 December - two days after the search and rescue operations were carried out!

Here's where things get really bizarre: Supt Mispani said the construction worker was not wearing any shoes or slippers, so he basically walked through a jungle track from Melaka to Perak barefoot.

He also reportedly arrived home in pristine condition, without any sort of injury on his body.

How did the man do that?
Here's the other bizarre part: according to Google Maps, the distance from the dam to Sungkai is around 296km, and if one was to travel by car via the Southwest Expressway (PLUS), it would take about four hours (give or take) to reach the destination.

If a person was to walk from the dam to Sungkai, it would take him between 55 and 59 hours (or two and a half days).

He must be a fast walker.
So, basically, the man walked all the way back to Sungkai with minimal rest, considering that it took him less than three days to reach home.

On top of that, Supt Mispani told Harian Metro that this isn't the first time that the man had 'disappeared' without a trace.

This is so unbelievable.

We honestly think that this man should represent Malaysia in a cross country run. He'll come back with a gold medal for sure.

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