Former Top Cop Receives Malaysian AIDS Foundation’s Prestigious Patron’s Award

Congratulations, sir!

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Former Top Cop Receives Malaysian AIDS Foundation’s Prestigious Patron’s Award
Malay Mail & Yahoo News

An award worthy of the great Tan Sri Zaman Khan,

Tan Sri Datuk Mohd Zaman Khan Rahim Khan is one incredible man.

He spent 37 long years in the police force, and he has helped solve countless of high-profile cases.

(Since his accomplishments are too long to list out, read the interview we did with him here)

Now that he's retired, he's out to fight for a different cause and for that, he's been bestowed an award worthy of his hard work.

Tragedy in his family

Zaman Khan is now trying to stop the spread of AIDS.
The former Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department director was awarded the prestigious Patron’s Award at the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF)-Berjaya Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Award Gala Dinner recently, Malay Mail reported.

Zaman Khan received the award, which commemorates the long-standing efforts of various individuals and corporations in the fight against AIDS, for his harm-reduction initiatives aimed at reducing HIV transmission in injecting drug users (IDUs).

“I didn’t expect the award and I had never thought of it before. I was always interested in working for the cause because I have a tragedy in my own family involving HIV and AIDS.

“One of my nephews was infected and spread it to his wife and two kids. They all passed away as a result,” he told the news portal.

He also reportedly suffered the loss of another nephew who passed away after getting HIV through unprotected sex.

Back in his heyday.
After his retirement from the police force in the late 1990s, he got involved with the Drug Prevention Association of Malaysia (Pemadam) and later served as the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) president from 2010 to 2011.

He urged for more awareness and education amongst Malaysians when it comes to HIV as there’s still a strong prejudice against those infected with the virus.

Thank you for your good work, sir!

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