Man Jumps Into Flood Water To Save Stranded Doggo, Netizens In Awe

God bless his soul.

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Man Jumps Into Flood Water To Save Stranded Doggo, Netizens In Awe
Screenshot from Bojod Azmi's Facebook

This is what a hero looks like

Sometimes, it's heart-wrenching seeing a stray doggo braving rain fall with no place to go.

However, one man decided to take matters into his own hands when he spotted a doggo stranded in flood waters.

No place to go

According to a report by Malay Mail, Bojod Azmi spotted a dog stuck in flood waters in Kluang and he didn’t hesitate to wade into the knee-high water to rescue it.

The dog was apparently chained to its kennel, leaving it with nowhere to go in the middle of a natural disaster.

A nearly one-minute video of him saving the canine was posted on his Facebook page:

The video has been viewed more than half a million times since it was posted and his noble deed earned the praises of netizens.

“The successful operation that saved one life. It’s the rainy and flood season, what kind of owner goes and chains their dog?” Bojod wrote in his post.

In an interview with China Press, Bojod said he and his friends stumbled upon the dog in a flooded palm oil plantation when they heard barking while they were out monitoring the flood situation,

“I was worried that the dog was trapped in the water so I decided to turn back and saw a wooden kennel in the palm oil plantation and the dog kept on barking,” he said.

Although he was warned by his friends to not approach the dog as it might be aggressive, Bojod proceeded to guide the dog out of the water.

After rescuing it, he fed it with bread and water and waited another five minutes before leaving the area.

God bless your heart, Bojod. 

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