We May Soon Get Tax-Free Alcohol In Pulau Pangkor

Pangkor leveling up!

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We May Soon Get Tax-Free Alcohol In Pulau Pangkor
Sorry guys, non-halal post coming up, but we believe it's important.

For those of you who love getting tipsy, you'll know that the only place you can get cheap alcohol is Pulau Langkawi because, well, it's tax-free.

Good news, you could soon add Pulau Pangkor to the list.

Reasonable request

The Star Online reported that the popular tourism island may include alcohol in its list of duty-free items.

However, there's a catch: it will only be added into the list if there's a demand for it.

Quoting Perak Tourism Committee chairman Tan Kar Hing, the report said selling alcohol at duty-free price would be considered if there are reasonable requests that could benefit the locals and industry players on the island.

“The state will study it if there are requests – maybe at some specific locations.

“If there is no demand, alcohol will not be included. For now, it is not allowed to be included in the list, ” he said.

The new party island?
Pulau Pangkor was announced as a duty-free destination during the tabling of the Budget 2019 in Parliament last year.

The island will officially achieve the status on 1 January 2020, so if all goes well, you could throw a New Year's Eve celebration there with cheap alcohol.

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