Man Robs Bank, Throws Money In The Air And Yells 'Merry Christmas'!

Is that you, Santa?

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Man Robs Bank, Throws Money In The Air And Yells 'Merry Christmas'!
Twitter/Colorado Springs Police

Come get your free money!

Who said Santa Claus doesn't exist?

A man in the United States caused quite a stir when he robbed a bank and threw the cash in the air - just outside the bank he robbed.

Wanted to get caught?

According to a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 65-year-old David Wayne Oliver walked into the Academy Bank in Colarado on 23 December, claimed that he was armed and demanded money.

After obtaining the money, he reportedly walked out of the bank and began throwing all the money into the air while shouting “Merry Christmas!”. One would imagine the chaos he cause, as bystanders were stunned by Oliver's actions.

Here's the weird bit: instead of running away, Oliver reportedly sat down in a coffee shop beside the bank to watch the whole scene unfold.

The police arrived later and arrested Oliver. He was taken to the Colorado Springs police station and charged.

The bystanders who scooped up the money, meanwhile, reportedly returned the notes to the bank. 

What an interesting Christmas story, huh?

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