Four Malaysian Students Win Gold Medals At The 2019 International Robot Olympiad


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Four Malaysian Students Win Gold Medals At The 2019 International Robot Olympiad

Build robots, win gold medals.

What did we tell you about Malaysians going all out to win all the awards this year?

Just last week, six students made the country proud when they won several medals at the International Junior Science Olympiad 2019.

And just before 2019 closes out, another group of Malaysian students managed to win a couple more gold medals at an international competition.

Two golds in the bag

Malaysia reps, yo!
reported that four Malaysian students from the Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) have made the country proud by winning two gold medals at the 2019 International Robot Olympiad (IRO) held in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Quoting a statement from Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara), the news agency reported that the students are Ahmad Muqry Hasni and Nur Ain Balqis Mohd Razuan from Bentong MRSM; and Ziyad Azhar and Hana Humaira Wan Hasnan from Kota Putra MRSM.

Ahmad Muqry and Nur Ain won the gold medal in the Creative Category Challenge with the theme 'Robot: Agricultural Revolution' through their Dr Plant robot.

Ziyad Azhar and Hana Humaira, on the other hand, took the gold medal in the 'Robot in Movie Challenge' through a video presentation with a sub-theme of Vital Monitoring.

Ahmad Muqry and Nur Ain Balqis showing their hard work.
The report says the competition requires participants to create a robot that is related to a given theme, develop it as a multimedia work: testing their planning ability, understanding of mechanical knowledge as well as broad knowledge in various fields such as editing and special effects.

A total of 800 participants from 14 countries -- including South Korea, China, Singapore, the Philippines, New Zealand, Egypt, Indonesia and Thailand -- took part in the competition.

Malaysia sent 51 students for the competition and while only two brought home the gold medal, a couple of students also won a silver and a bronze medal, as well as a technical award from the annual competition.

Well done, you guys! We are extremely proud of you!

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