Penang Lands A Spot In 'Destination With The Most Beautiful Beaches' List

Well done, Penang!

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Penang Lands A Spot In 'Destination With The Most Beautiful Beaches' List
When we think of Penang, all we think about is its glorious food.

But now, Penangites have something else to shout about: its beautiful beaches.

One of the best beaches around

As we all know, Penang has a won tonnes of awards and mentions especially when it comes to its food and as a holiday destination.

The latest feather in its cap is to be listed in the '20 Destinations With the Most Beautiful Beaches (You Can Actually Afford To Go To)' article published in The Travel on Sunday.

According to a report by The New Straits Times, The Travel is regarded as a world authority when it comes to international travel information.

Put together by writer Kenyetta Henley, she said Penang's Monkey Beach at the Penang National Park are one of the best beaches around.

"Malaysia is a destination known for the ancient temples and delicious food it serves up at a low rate. Penang state is responsible for quite a few of its best beaches, including Monkey Beach in the Penang National Park, where adorable crab-eating macaques roam free, according to Lonely Planet,” she wrote.

Other destinations that made the list include Goa, India; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; Paracas, Peru; Bocas Del Toro, Panama and Oregon, United States.

Not just that, Penang also earned a mention in an article by Paula Froelich in The New York Post under the headline "Here are the 12 best countries to retire in".

“A couple can live here comfortably in Penang (with sea or mountain views) for roughly US$1,990 (RM8,133) a month, rent included,” the International Living Retirement Index (ILRI) notes.

 “A family of six can dine at a decent local Chinese restaurant and order 10 dishes for less than US$6 per person – beer included – and a man’s haircut will set you back a mere US$3,” she wrote.

Well, with so many people praising Penang, it’s time for us to appreciate what we have and perhaps consider Penang as the next place to visit or even retire?

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