Looks Like Jho Low Has Resurfaced, But Only Briefly And To Reiterate His Innocence

He's not dead after all.

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Looks Like Jho Low Has Resurfaced, But Only Briefly And To Reiterate His Innocence

Looks like fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, has resurfaced from wherever he is hiding to speak to the press for the first time since his disappearance in 2015. 

In his interview with The Straits Times, he confirmed that he's been granted asylum in an European country but refused to name which one due to "serious personal safety concerns". 

Unsurprisingly, Jho Low also denied that he was involved in any plot to steal billions of dollars from 1MDB. 

Just a middle man

Jho Low claims that he's just a middle man.
He reportedly said that he was merely the middle man who connected the Malaysian government and foreign businessmen and decision makers. 

"People and companies act as introducers or intermediaries all the time,

"This is not a unique situation. I was requested to assist because of my good relationships with influential foreign businessmen and decision makers," he was reported as saying. 

He had also said that he was being used as a scapegoat merely because he is not a politician. 

He said he was used for his connection.
"In the case of 1MDB and SRC, there were also international bankers, lawyers and other independent professionals that advised and supported the companies in their respective processes, " he reportedly said, adding that it was astounding that the spotlight has been on him solely. 

Jho Low also seems to see himself as a hero, rather than a villian, saying that whatever he did was done to help the country. 

He also said that there were many positive impact from his connections such as the increase of Haj quota for Malaysian Muslims and helping Malaysians stranded in Egypt during a crisis via Saudi Arabia. 

Jho Low also expressed his desire to return to Malaysia and defend himself against allegations against him, but only when he feels safe and the country has a government that will follow the "rule of law". 

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