No Stress: Finland Is Proposing Four-Day, Six-Hour Working Days

Time to pack our bags and move to Finland.

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No Stress: Finland Is Proposing Four-Day, Six-Hour Working Days

Anybody know a place in Malaysia we could learn Finnish? We need to move to Finland ASAP. 

That's because the Scandinavian is set to introduce a new working structure, and believe us, you'll be in awe too!

Work-life balance

The country's Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, has proposed a six-hour, four-day work week to allow people to have lives outside of work. 

Marin believes that people deserve to spend more with their families and loved ones, as well as have enough time for them to spend on their hobbies.

"This could be the next step for us in working life," Daily Mail quoted her as saying. 

Marin has long been an advocate of a healthy working environment.

Even before Marin was elected as Prime Minister, she has been proposing shorter working hours. 

When she was the country's Transport Minister, she had been advocating for the cause to increase productivity and employee rapport. 

Marin is not wrong.

Experiment shows good results

Between 2015 and 2016, one of the biggest cities in Sweden tested the impact of having six-hour work days, and they found that staff were happier, healthier and more energetic when performing their jobs. 

Swedish Healthcare
The experiment involved nurses particularly, a job that is considered high-stress. 

Best part of the deal? The nurses did not face pay cuts. 

A German Consulting Firm Is Testing Out Five-Hour Work Days, And We're Jealous!

Most companies that employ shorter work hours have certain measures in place to ensure productivity, such as banning social media and mobile phones during office hours, as well as reducing the number of hours spent in meetings (hallellujah!) and other unnecessary activities.

Would our employers and government agree to shorter working hours? Looking at recent news headlines, we'd say fat chance. 

Time to go back home and sleep, so that this would be a reality in our dreams at least. 

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