The Wildfire In Australia Is So Bad, It's Reportedly Generating New Weather Patterns!

Australia needs help.

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The Wildfire In Australia Is So Bad, It's Reportedly Generating New Weather Patterns!

Things are dire Down Under.

By know, you should be well aware that Australia has been battling devastating bushfires since September.

The bushfires are so bad, it has reportedly killed an estimated half a billion animals.

Here's the bad news: the bushfires are so serious and have grown so big that they’re reportedly generating new weather patterns!

Doing what they want

Dangerous weather patterns are being formed.
According to a report by CNBC, the bushfires’ severity left computer programs used to predict the path of the fires dysfunctional because the fires are creating their own weather.

The report quoted Andy Gillham, from the Bairnsdale incident control team in Gippsland, Victoria as saying that in coming days, some communities would have fires approaching ‘from almost all directions’.

“Everybody’s saying the same thing; and that is that a lot of the scientific modelling that we use to try and predict where fire might run is not coping with what’s happening in the landscape just purely because of the fire load.

“We know roughly what’s happening, but the fires are basically doing what they want in the landscape,” he told ABC News.

The bushfires are already hard to put out as it is.
Experts told the news portal that the new weather systems could be really "violent", and they could spark new fires and conjure fire tornadoes, making fighthing existing bushfires even more challenging.

As the bushfires are raging, officials have advised people to leave and find their nearest evacuation centre.

We just pray that the bushfires will be put out soon! Prayers up to Australia.

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