Kuantan Man's Hilarious Bowling Attempt Blows Up Twittersphere

Don't try this at home, guys!

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Kuantan Man's Hilarious Bowling Attempt Blows Up Twittersphere

Fly me to the moon.

We all have that one friend who fails miserably at sports.

No matter how hard they try, they can't seem to excel in their favourite sport.

For this one Kuantan man, however, his attempt at bowling has, unfortunately, cracked up the entire Twittersphere.

'Bowling strike ke bulan'

Here, take my bowling ball!
A 14-second video showing the man flinging the ball into the air has gone viral on the social media site. 

In the video, posted by Twitter user @hazrilazharudin , the man can be seen attempting to hurl the ball towards the bowling pins.

However, because his aim was way off, he accidentally threw the ball upwards, resulting in the ball crashing into the roof of the alley and leaving a hole in the ceiling.

To make matters more embarassing for the man, he then slipped and fell onto the bowling lane. 

Check out the video in all its glory:

The hilarious incident took place at Megalanes Bowling in Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan.

The video has been viewed over 452,000 times, with Netizens having a laugh at the poor man's predicaments.

Interestingly, some even shared videos of their own failed bowling attempts:
It's OK, bro! There's no shame in not excelling in sports. 

On a seperate note, we hope someone finds the bowling ball!

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