Mom Thought His Son Was Stealing Money At School, But He Was Actually Side Hustling!

By selling grasshoppers.

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Mom Thought His Son Was Stealing Money At School, But He Was Actually Side Hustling!
Facebook/Puan Hasmi Samsuddin

Bright future for this little boy.

Remember back in primary school, your class teacher would ask you to stand up and introduce yourself and tell the class what you aspire to be when you grow up? 

Most of us would answer lawyer, doctor and engineer because, you know, those are the high-paying jobs.

But for one seven-year-old, he has set his mind to become an entrepreneur...and he has even put it into practice in school.

Mother suspected he was stealing

Meet Malaysia's greatest businessman.
Qaiser Rifqi Martin's side hustle came to light one day when his mother, 35-year-old Hasmi Samsuddin, discovered that Qaiser, who was just given RM2 to spend at school, came back with RM4.

According Malay Mail, quoting a report from mStar, Qaiser kept asking her where his piggy bank was after coming back from school to put in his ‘earnings’.

Suspecting something was amiss, she confronted Qaiser, accusing him of stealing in school.

As it turns out, Qaiser was actually selling grasshoppers to his friends to make the income.

“I thought he had stolen the money from his friends, but when I asked him where he got the money from, he said that made it selling grasshoppers to his friends,” she was quoted as saying.

Hasmi admitted that she didn’t know how to react to Qaiser’s unique and innocent response after being accused of stealing.

She told the daily that she was "extremely irritated", but also amused that her son would start his own side business at school.

She then posted about her son's impressive entrepreneurial skills Facebook -- partly to show her sailor husband Martin Tamrin, who's out at sea, what their son was up to -- and has gotten quite a bit of response from netizens.

We're gonna call it; Qaiser Rifqi Martin is going to grow up and become Malaysia's greatest entrepeneur.

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