It's Official: The Oldest A&W Outlet In Petaling Jaya Will Be Closing Down For Good This Year

Say your goodbyes, guys!

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It's Official: The Oldest A&W Outlet In Petaling Jaya Will Be Closing Down For Good This Year

Goodbye, old friend!

First, they broke our hearts by saying it's going to close down. Then, they made us happy by announcing they will stay open.

But now, it seems that the heartbreak is for real: the iconic A&W outlet in Petaling Jaya will be closing down for good.

Land sold for development

Remember to go and say goodbye, guys!
The sad news was confirmed by A&W Malaysia Sdn Bhd chief executive officer George Ang, who told Malay Mail that the iconic outlet will be torn down for a development project.

The outlet, located in Lorong Sultan, PJS 52, is the oldest A&W drive-through restaurant in the state, as it has been in operations for almost 50 years.

Ang explained that the land the outlet currently sits on was sold by A&W’s previous owner KUB Malaysia Berhad to Kasmuncak Holdings Sdn Bhd.

As such, the fast food chain, currently owned by Inter Mark Resources Sdn Bhd, is leasing the land from Kasmuncak Holdings until "they are ready to take over for their own development project". 

Take one last look.
So, when can we expect the outlet to officially close down?

Ang told the news portal that the entire documentation process will take some time, and the A&W outlet is expected to stay open for another "six to eight months".

He also assured fans of the fast food chain that they will be opening a new outlet in Section 17 soon.

It's the second A&W outlet to open in Malaysia.
Being one of Malaysia's oldest fast-food franchises, the PJS 52 A&W store was their second ever and one of the first drive-through outlets, having opened in 1965.

This is certainly sad news for those of us who use to frequent the outlet. 

Guess we have another six months before we have to say goodbye for good, so jom, let's serbu the outlet before it closes.

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