Report: Smoke From The Australian Bushfires Can Be Seen In Brazil

That's a long travel.

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Report: Smoke From The Australian Bushfires Can Be Seen In Brazil

The bushfires are devastating.

By now, you should be aware of the devastating bushfires that are destroying Australia. 

According to this report, the bushfires have now destroyed a total of 12 million hectares and killed more than a billion animals.

Yes, the bushfires are really, really bad, so bad the smoke is now visible in Brazil!

Smoke visible in South America

News agency AFP reported that the smoke had arrived in Brazil's southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul, on Tuesday (7 January), the National Institute for Space Research’s Department of Remote Sensing confirmed in a Twitter post.

Metsul, a private meteorological company, also confirmed the arrival of the smoke, but emphasised that "the presence of smoke from Australia in the air is almost imperceptible, despite the satellite showing smoke in the atmosphere over the great Porto Alegre".

Porto Alegre is the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul.

The smoke from the fire has reached Brazil.
Brazil is not the only country that is affected by the smoke from the Australian bushfires.

Chile's meteorological service also revealed on Monday (6 January) that smoke from the fires was also visible in Chile and Argentina.

This means that the smoke travelled more than 12,000km to reach South America.

That's how bad the fires are in the Land Down Under!
However, there's a little bit of good news for firefigthers in Australia.

According to the Guardian UK, heavy rains are expected to fall some time this week, and it would greatly help the firefighters’ efforts to put out the fire.

Let’s hope there's more good news for Australia soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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