Man "Prays" To Rodent In Hopes For CNY Blessings

A ratty situation

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According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2020 is the Year of the Rat.

Rat-themed decorations, rat-shaped cookies and all ratty things alike are appearing everywhere to appease the Rat God and get his blessings. 

One man, however, is trying to one-up the world with a 'rat-tical' idea: praying to a living, breathing, rat!

Video has gone viral

Praying to the Rat God

Malay Mail reported that a 34-second video of the "prayer ritual" was posted on Facebook recently.

The video showed the man kneeling on the ground in front of a caged rat and praying to it while holding lighted joss sticks.

A shrine with a Chinese talisman displaying the characters for "The Rat God" was also placed near the cage. 

However, there was no mention what the man was praying for, but since he was praying to a live rat, we think he's pretty desperate.

In the video, giggles were heard, probably from onlookers amused by his over-the-top antics.

What do you think guys? Mahu ikut kah? 

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