3-Year-Old Malaysian Boy With 142 IQ Invited To Join Mensa UK

He is currently based in the UK

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3-Year-Old Malaysian Boy With 142 IQ Invited To Join Mensa UK
Drool, play, eat, sleep and repeat. 

Ahhhhh..a typical day in the life of a 3-year-old. 


NOT so right when it comes to Malaysian boy genius Muhammad Haryz Nadzim Mohd Hilmy Naim.

The adorable toddler based in the UK, was recently accepted into Mensa, an international society for those with high IQ by scoring 142 on the Standford Binet test. 

The test measures various factors including knowledge, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial processing, memory and fluid reasoning. 

(Basically, you gots to be super-duper smart to pass lah)

Books made my son a genius

According to a report by Metro UK, Haryz’s mother, 30-year-old Nur Anira Asyikin Hashim said it was early exposure to books that developed her son’s IQ.

Anira said that Haryz said his first words at seven months and started reading bedtime stories to himself at the age of two. 

“We didn’t have much experience, so we just thought that’s how kids were,” said Anira.

“It was only when he started going to nursery, we were told he is more advanced than other children, then we realised he was special.”

Loves conversations about space and numbers


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Anira and her husband Mohd Hilmy Naim Mohd Yakin said that despite having a high IQ, Haryz behaved like any other three-year-old. 

“He enjoys jumping in puddles, painting, singing, all the normal stuff for a child of that age.

“His favourite television programmes are Story Bots and Numberblocks, but he often prefers having conversations with older peers and adults,” she said, adding that he loved talking about space and numbers.


The two of them said that they were excited that Haryz was accepted into Mensa and hoped that it would be a stepping stone to greater things in the future. 

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 “The most important thing is that he is happy with what he is doing, and we will be proud of him no matter what he achieves,” said Anira.

Think you can do better than Haryz, try out the online version (which is a much simpler version) of the test he sat for. 


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