Man Leaves 500 Masks At Police Station And Runs Away

A speedy act of kindness

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Man Leaves 500 Masks At Police Station And Runs Away
People rushing for supplies, sold-out signs everywhere and overpriced masks being sold by suppliers.

It's just another day in a world dealing with the novel coronavirus outbreak which started about a month ago.

Amidst all the commotion, it warmed our hearts to learn about this kind-hearted act which happened in Eastern China recently.

A video of a man leaving 500 face masks at a police station there and sprinting away is making its rounds on the internet. 

An act of kindness

The video, that was captured via CCTV, showed the man briskly walking into the station at Lu'an in the Anhui Province on January 27 carrying multiple boxes of masks.

According to Yahoo! news, the stranger then placed the masks on the main reception counter and said "thanks for your hard work" to the policemen sitting there and quickly walked away. 

Two policemen were then seen rushing out from behind the counter and calling out to the man (probably to cakap terima kasih lah) but they could not catch up to him.

The kind sprinting stranger then waved from near the gates and the two policemen stood near the entrance of the station and soluted him.

No one knows the identity of this man but what a generous act at a time of crisis kan.

We salute you too, kind stranger!


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