Add (More) To Cart: WHO Says It’s Safe To Receive Parcels From China

Phew, that’s a relief.

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Add (More) To Cart: WHO Says It’s Safe To Receive Parcels From China
Reuters via South China Morning Post

Ok, you can checkout your bag now.

Last week, the Health Ministry of Malaysia (MOH) came out with a guideline when it comes to receiving parcels from China, amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

MOH advised Malaysians to sanitise their parcel for their own safety although there is currently no scientific evidence to back up claims that any virus can live on a surface for a long period of time.

Malaysians were alarmed by the guideline and some even vowed to stop buying anything from China for the time being.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently released a statement to answer this query that’ll leave you sighing with relief.

Your parcels are safe

According to WHO, it is currently safe to receive any letter or package from China.

“People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting #2019nCoV,” WHO said.

“From previous analysis, we know coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.”

Some of you might be pleased with the news, but some are still skeptical and raised questions about WHO’s statement.

Shopping parcels, come to mama!
“Can you please say how many hours do a virus survive on and dry surface and be more specific please? Thank you,” Twitter user @askramer said.

Many echoed the same sentiment and was worried how “long” is considered long.

Well, since WHO says we shouldn’t be alarmed and it’s okay to receive packages from China, we should have faith in them.

So this can only mean one thing: you can continue your Taobao shopping sprees!

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