Local School Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Deal With Students' Heavy School Bags

Why are we not funding this?

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Local School Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Deal With Students' Heavy School Bags
Harian Metro

Seriously, we need to start funding this!

Have you come across a school kid carrying a bag bigger than their body?

Sadly, despite the whole debacle about school children with their heavy school bags, not much has been done to help ease the burden of these kids.

Well, a local primary school might have just found the solution

Cheap and effective

Sekolah Kebangsaan Serting Ulu in Jempol has introduced a clever way to help their students ditch their heavy bags at home: by giving each one of them portable plastic boxes.

According to a report by Harian Metro, the initiative was the brainchild of a teacher named Nor Hazizah Mohd Sani, who started a WhatsApp group with parents to discuss the matter.

Each student gets one box.
The school’s headmaster, Zainal Abidin Talib, told the daily that from there, the idea to provide portable plastic boxes in the school was suggested.

With the plastic boxes, students would no longer need to bring back their heavy text books to home and back as they could just leave it at school.

Each of the portable boxes carries the photos and details of the student, and they are free to put their belongings in it.

A very good idea indeed!
Zainal told Harian Metro that one of the parents forked out his own money to buy the first 22 boxes for the school.

Zainal said the initiative was only introduced to Year 5 students of the school at the moment, but he hopes that all students will adopt the approach as the boxes only cost RM15.90 and can be utilised for the next school term as well.

To be honest, we think the Education Ministry should start funding this.

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