Two Malaysians Just Won The GoPro Million Dollar Challenge!

The million dollar is split between 45 winners but still pretty cool.

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Two Malaysians Just Won The GoPro Million Dollar Challenge!

We already know that Malaysians are a talented bunch, but we never get tired of celebrating the triumphs of our fellow countrymen. 

Two Malaysians, Chong Jia Wai and Baki Zainal, recently won the GoPro million dollar challenge.

Sharing the prize pool

They were two of the 45 winners who will be sharing the USD1 million (RM4.12 million) prize money, which comes to about RM91,600 each once converted. 















So last night they GoPro did a global preview of the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge video for this year and I am so so stoked and super grateful that one of my clips got in!! There’s so many peeps I wanna thank .. @barekiwi @jitsslo for planting in my brain 🧠 that “your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary” and the unlimited angles for shots!! @chrisrogers for just letting go and looking at every opportunity as a GoPro shot. @supergeet opening up my eyes and world to the unlimited opportunities and just being that support !!! @adventuresofron @mernman for the tutorials and odd hour text on what’s the best settings and how do I do this.. @dela_dev @carlos.mccarthy for the unlimited encouragements and support. @shinkong0610 @wayne_wayne23 for constantly entertaining my crazy ideas and encouragement and of course the awesome day out in @escapemy . @mylifeascardbox for entertaining my noob ness To all my GoProFamily members for being such great inspirations !! Dang it sounds like a Grammy Award Speech but heck thank you everybody!!! It’s proven!! If I can do it ! So can you @gopro @gopromysg @goproanz @goprothailand @goproid @goproph #GoProFamily #GoPro #GoProHERO8 #GoProMAX #bakizainal #luxurytraveler #ripcurlmy #ripcurl

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GoPro released a two-minute-seventeen-second video highlighting clips captured by the winners and it's pretty darn amazing.

But before you watch it, let us just warn you that it'll make you want to send in your resignation and go do something adventerous and exciting. 

You can catch Jia Wai's clip, reportedly shot at the Elmina Valley Park in Shah Alam, around the 0:36 mark, while Baki's clip, shot at the Escape Theme Park in Penang, can be seen at the 1:27 mark.

The main purpose of the whole challenge is to promote GoPro cameras, of course, and we have to say they definitely have the right idea. 

We hope that there will be more such opportunities that our local talents will take advantage of in the future.

Congratulations Jia Wai and Baki Zainal!

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