Remove Tyre From Crocodile's Neck And Win Reward - If You Survive

Are you willing to take on the crocodile in Indonesia?

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Remove Tyre From Crocodile's Neck And Win Reward - If You Survive

Set me free.

Boys and girls, need additional income to tide you over until pay day?

Perhaps you can try helping to free a saltwater crocodile which had its head stuck in a tyre.

We are not kidding!

Indonesian authorities are offering a reward to anyone who can free the saltwater crocodile with a motorbike tyre stuck around its neck - and survive.

According to a report in AFP, the reward amount promised was unspecified, but we’re pretty sure it’s a handsome sum.

A prolonged problem

The reward was offered after local conservation authorities failed to remove the tyre for years. 

The report said a video of the crocodile gasping for air had sparked worries that the tyre was slowly strangling and killing the growing crocodile. 
This prompted the Central Sulawesi Natural Resources Conservation Agency to offer the reward in hopes of finally freeing the animal.

Calling professionals to help

Its head, Hasmuni Hasmar, however, cautioned amateurs not to hunt down the crocodile but said that the reward was meant for professionals. 

He said they are looking for people with a background in wildlife rescue to carry out the mission.

If you think you qualify, do head over to Palu, Central Sulawesi to face the 4m reptile.


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