Thailand Mass Shooting: The 16-Hour Harrowing Experience That Led To The Death Of 30 People

It all started over a property dispute

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Thailand Mass Shooting: The 16-Hour Harrowing Experience That Led To The Death Of 30 People
As Thailand mourns the 29 people who died in a mass shooting by a local soldier, everyone is still trying to piece together everything that took place during the horrific incident. 

Here's what we know so far.

How did the attack start?

At around 3pm on Saturday (Feb 8), Thai soldier 32-year-old Jakrapanth Thomma, initiates his killing spree by shooting dead his commanding officer Anantharot Krasae and Anantharot's mother-in-law at a house. The reaction was said to have been sparked by a property dispute. 

According to Channel News Asia, Jakrapanth then went to his army camp, stole an M60 machine gun, rifles, ammunition as well as a military Humvee. He also wounded several soldiers, police officers and shot and killed an army guard while trying to escape. 

The shooter, Jakrapanth Thomma

Shooting at a Buddhist temple

Jakrapanth manages to escape the army camp, but a string of officials chase after him. The shooter then stops at a Buddhist temple at around 4.30pm and starts firing at the officers in pursuit. A total of 9 people, including one police officer, was shot dead in the incident. 

Posing with a weapon

Rampage continues at a shopping mall

Jakrapanth arrives at Terminal 21 shopping mall and starts shooting at panicked shoppers. At least 12 people are killed in the first round of firing. According to Al-Jazeera, there were over a thousand people in the mall when Jakrapanth arrived. 

According to police spokesperson Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen, Jakrapanth had used the machine gun to shoot at innocent victims - injuring and killing them along the way.
  Many ran to escape or hid during the ordeal which lasted close to 16 hours. 

Posting on social media

Throughout the whole incident, Jakrapanth posted content on social media. At one point, he also live-streamed the shooting on his Facebook page (which was eventually taken down).  
In the above video, Jakrapanth is heard saying,“Tired, I can barely move my fingers,” he said while flexing his trigger finger. 
  In the second post, Jakrapanth takes a selfie with a portion of the shopping mall that is up in flames. It is believed that the fire started after a gas canister exploded after it was hit with a bullet.

According to Al-Jazeera, Jankrapanth also posted several statements throughout the incident. 

One statement read "Death is inevitable for everyone"

Another read "Three bodies were for revenge, the rest were self-defence."

Police action

Due to the large number of people trapped inside the shopping mall, it took police time to act. 

Small groups of panicked people were ushered out of the building from time to time with shots heard every now and again.

Small groups escape.

A chilling CCTV footage also captures Jankrapanth roaming around the empty floor of the mall, possibly looking for more people to kill.
At one point, Thai police also brought the shooter's mother to the scene in an attempt to try to get him to surrender. Her tearful pleas did not work.

Seven hours into the shooting spree, Thai security forces finally storm into the mall to rescue the hundreds of people who are trapped inside.

Things become complicated

While security forces slowly secure each floor, the shooter retreats into the shopping mall's basement. 

According to the Bangkok Post, spates of gunfire could be heard as the authorties try and nab Jankrapanth.
  After hours of trying to locate the shooter, security forces finally manage to shoot down Jankrapanth at around 9.05am on Sunday (Feb 9).

Many die during harrowing shooting spree

According to New York Post, the total number of people who died during the shooting rampage stood at 30, including the gunman himself. A total of 57 people were also wounded during the incident.

The report detailed that the shooting was the deadliest to have ever occured in Thailand by a single gunman.

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