H5N6 Bird Flu: Thousands Of Birds Culled In Vietnam

A race to contain the virus.

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H5N6 Bird Flu: Thousands Of Birds Culled In Vietnam

Thousands of birds infected.

While the world deals with Covid-19, authorities are battling another disease outbreak in Vietnam.

The H5N6 bird flu has reared its ugly head in several farms there forcing farmers to kill thousands of animals.

According to a Reuters report, the country had proceeded to cull thousands of birds, mostly chicken and ducks, to contain the outbreak of the highly pathogenic disease.

Farms disinfected as well

Infected birds are culled.
Other than culling the birds, authorities have also disinfected farms and banned the transport of poultry from infected zones.

“We are concerned that the virus may spread further, and are trying our best to stop the outbreak,” said one of Vietnam’s agriculture ministry official to Thanh Hoa newspaper as reported by Reuters.

According to WebMD, bird flu is spread from bird to bird and is deadly to humans and other mammals that catch the virus from infected birds. 

H5N6 does not spread easily from human-to-human, but the previous strain H5N1 killed nearly 60% of infected people since the first human case was reported in 1997.

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