Johor Man Gives His Bae A RM20,000 Cash Bouquet For Valentine's Day

Flowers die, money is better

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Johor Man Gives His Bae A RM20,000 Cash Bouquet For Valentine's Day
China Press via Hitz

That's the florist, not the girlfriend

Valentine's Day is tomorrow (14 February) and if you guys were thinking of getting the best boyfriend or girlfriend in the country title, you can forget about it. 

A Johor man has already won with his RM20,000 bouquet of cash.

That's right, cold hard cash shaped into roses then arranged into a beautiful bouquet. 

RM100 notes to make the petals

In fact, the man even drove all the way from Johor to Kuala Lumpur to get a florist to make the bouquet for his girlfriend. 

If you guys have that kind of money and want to steal the idea, it's too late 'cos it reportedly took florist Zheng Aini three days to make the money roses. 

Look at this beauty!
According to The Sun, money bouquets are a thing (who knew? The most we've received were sunflowers) but this is the first time the amount of money spent is so huge. 

She had to use two RM100 notes to make the petals and RM10 notes to make the buds. 

We have to say, the man is a genius. Flowers are way too expensive during this season, and dinners are just so...regular. 

Give a girl (or a guy) cash, and both of you can use it to do something fun, like going on a holiday to an exotic place. 

Well done, dude. 

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