Presenter, Crocodile Observer To Try Their Hands At Removing Tyre From Crocodile’s Neck

Good luck guys!

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Presenter, Crocodile Observer To Try Their Hands At Removing Tyre From Crocodile’s Neck

The crocodile and its bling.

Remember the story we shared earlier about a saltwater crocodile that has a motorcycle tyre stuck around its neck and how Indonesian authorities are offering a reward to anyone who can free it?

It looks like they have finally found someone to do it.

Crocodile expert to the rescue

Help this poor animal.
Australian presenter Matthew Nicolas Wright and fellow crocodile observer Chris Wilson have officially joined the Central Sulawesi Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA Central Sulawesi) to assist in the rescue of the crocodile.

The Jakarta Post reported that the duo are tagging along in the rescue mission because of a decree issued by the Environment and Forestry Ministry to BKSDA Central Sulawesi.

“After consulting with the ministry’s biodiversity conservation directorate general, both of them were allowed to immediately join the rescue team, ” said BKSDA Central Sulawesi official Haruna.

While waiting for the duo’s arrival, Haruna told the news portal that the team was drafting out the most appropriate strategy to catch the crocodile and release the tyre from its neck.

Matt Wright and a fellow crocodile friend.
The crocodile apparently had the tyre stuck around its neck for years and attempts to get its neck unstuck before this had failed.

The agency even organised a contest to find someone who is willing to catch the crocodile, promising a prize as a reward but ended up cancelling the contest due to lackluster response.

Let’s just hope that they could rescue the crocodile this time around!

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