Malaysian Student Evicted By Australian Landlord Over Covid-19 Fears

She returned from Malaysia to find a note stuck on her door

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Malaysian Student Evicted By Australian Landlord Over Covid-19 Fears

What a note!

How would you like it if you came back from your Chinese New Year break and found an eviction notice on your door?

A Malaysian student who returned to Perth on Feb 4 after celebrating the holidays with her family was greeted with one such notice.

The reason? The owners were concerned that she was a Covid-19 carrier!

According to a New Straits Times report, the student, who wanted to be known as Helen, was shocked to find that the locks had been changed upon returning.

Left with a note

Lockdown? Really now?

The owner did not speak to her in person but left a note on the door, which started with: 'WARNING - NO TRESPASSING. HOUSE IN LOCKDOWN DUE TO CORONAVIRUS.'

The note went on to read:

“Due to your failure to stay in contact with me with World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Emergency over coronavirus you are no longer welcome in this house."

"Please contact me as I have attempted many times without success."

The note ended with a warning that the house was under camera surveillance.

A text message was also sent

Helen also received a text from the owner (which she only got upon returning to Australia) which said:

“Sorry you made a decision to travel back home for the Chinese New Year when there was an outbreak of the coronavirus, and WHO has declared a global emergency, and now I have made a decision to change locks on the house and put your belongings outside as I am concerned for my welfare and family and friends."

“It was a hard decision to make between family and friends, but as you have travelled, we are very concerned and you are no longer welcome to come back to the house."

Helen said that the act made her sad and confused as she had only returned to Malaysia and never travelled to China.

The report said that Wisma Putra was looking into the matter.

While the owner was apologetic in her note and message, the move still seems a little extreme. What do you think?

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