Woof! German Shepherd Becomes The First Canine To Receive 'Jasamu Dikenang' Medal

The dog helped detect a fleeing criminal

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Woof! German Shepherd Becomes The First Canine To Receive 'Jasamu Dikenang' Medal
Screenshot from Bernama TV

Lao Wu to the rescue.

When you do good, you will always be rewarded.

This was the case with a German Shepherd from police's K9 Unit who recently made history for becoming the first canine to be honoured with the 'Jasamu Dikenang' medal by the Pahang police contingent.

According to Malay Mail, Lao Wu received the medal for his success in detecting a fleeing criminal in November last year.

Lao Wu's handler, Sergeant S. Sanmugam received the medal from Pahang deputy police chief deputy Datuk Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri at the contingent's monthly assembly and draped it on the five-year-old canine.

Helping the police sniff out the bad guys

Quoting Bernama, the report said the criminal had fled into a palm oil plantation in Felda Sungai Tekam, Jerantut and Lao Wu helped find the vehicle the criminal had left behind.

Sanmugam said that his colleagues had shot the suspect in the leg and Lao Wu subsequently sniffed out and found a bloodied T-shirt, believed to be also left behind by the criminal.

Excited to trail suspect

"Lao Wu was so excited to find the suspect that he tugged hard and I fell down twice due to the uneven surface in the plantation," he said.

Sanmugam also said that Lao Wu eventually led them to a home where the criminal had tried to seek help but fled after the owner said that he would contact the police.

The adventure did not end there though. 

Such a good boi!

Lau Wu then led the team into a plantation, insisted on crossing a river, went back and forth between the plantation and the main road, and finally ended up at a house where the suspect was hiding.

"Lao Wu then led us to a house where the suspect was finally found behind the premises at about 10.45am in a weak state. He pleaded for me not to release Lao Wu the moment he saw him."

"The suspect had also admitted that he had a few times walked to the main road to wait for a friend who was going to pick him up but he had to return to the plantation because his friend did not show up," said Sanmugam.

Good job there Lau Wu!


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