Man Fakes Own Death To Escape 2.5 Years Jail Term, Gets Additional 1.5 Years When He Got Caught

So much effort for nothing!

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Man Fakes Own Death To Escape 2.5 Years Jail Term, Gets Additional 1.5 Years When He Got Caught
People would do absurd things to escape a jail term, like our very own bear-man who fled the country and has since been on the run.

However, nothing beats this one Singaporean man who went the extra mile to avoid going to jail: by fake dying while he was out on bail.

Fake death certificate

Channel News Asia
reported that Ng Kek Wee, a former director at Singaporean company Singalab International, sentenced to 30 months’ jail for misappropriating three million shares from a subsidiary of Singalab, but was later released on bail after her appealed against his conviction.

While awaiting his appeal hearing, Ng was allowed by the court to travel to China for work purposes.

However, his appeal hearing was reportedly postponed twice because of Ng’s purported need to seek treatment in China for “various medical ailments”.

When his hearing was adjourned, the State Courts directed Ng’s lawyer to upload a copy of his flight itinerary into the State Court’s Integrated Case Management System as proof of his intent to return to Singapore.

Forged flight itinerary

Ng, however, reportedly forged his flight itinerary before handing it to his lawyer, providing false information that his return flight from China would be making a stopover in Jakarta before arriving in Singapore.

His crookedness didn’t stop there.

He managed to obtain a death certificate in Indonesia, which stated that he had passed away on 10 March 2019 near Jakarta. He then got someone from the country to email the certificate to his lawyer.

His unsuspecting lawyer presented the death certificate to the presiding judge in the case.

But like the saying goes, 'clever clever squirrel jump, one day for to ground also', he was caught red handed when the Commerical Affairs Department later found that he had, in fact, travelled to Malaysia multiple times after 10 March.

He was arrested by our local police and handed back to Singapore on 13 August, and for his 'hard work', he was sentenced to an additional 1.5 years’ in prison after he pleaded guilty to three offences: abetting the fabrication of false evidence in a judicial proceeding, abetting the provision of false information to a public servant and knowingly, and without reasonable excuse, failing to attend court.

And thus, the squirrel has fallen to the ground.

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