When You Give News The Michael Bay Treatment - Fiery Malaysian News Report Goes Viral

Stop, duck, roll and so much more!

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When You Give News The Michael Bay Treatment - Fiery Malaysian News Report Goes Viral

All fired up!

Rolling, crawling, ducking and running while presenting information on prime time news!

Who'd ever thought that a news bulletin could be as fiery and exciting as a Michael Bay movie!


A clip of a news report by Astro AWANI's anchor Luqman Hariz has gone viral recently with many praising the talented presenter's delivery and acting skills.

In the report aimed at educating people on what to do in case they were caught in a burning building, Luqman is seen crawling, running, rolling, evading animated falling debris, dealing with smoke and fire and even using an extinguisher to put out flames - all done as he was presenting the report.




It took weeks to come up with the whole concept

"I came up with the concept, the storyboard and the choreography and our superb animation team worked on the animation and took it to a different level," he said when contacted by Rojak Daily.

Luqman said that airing the report on prime time news was a risky move as he originally thought that it was slightly over the top.

"I still think it is over the top, but I am happy that a lot of people have been reacting positively towards the piece," he said adding that it took his team weeks to put together the script, design the choreography and execute the piece.

A different take on news presentation

On the idea itself, Luqman said that the team from AWANI 7.45, Astro AWANI's prime time news program, wanted to up their game when delivering the news.


"News is basically a form of storytelling, and having an anchor sit behind a desk and read out news just does not hold people's attention these days."

"This is why we came up with the concept. Something that would stick and hopefully be remembered when people are faced with a similar situation."

"If this video helps save a life one day, then that would be the ultimate gift for me," he said.

The three-minute clip has amassed over 300,000 views with many applauding Luqman on his unique delivery and the graphics team for the fiery effects.

Wanna catch more reports by Luqman, tune in to Astro AWANI (channel 501) at 7.45pm daily or Astro RIA (channel 104), RIA HD (channel 123) or HELLO (channel 110) at 8pm daily.


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