French Footballer Banned For Five Years For Biting Opponent's Penis After A Match


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French Footballer Banned For Five Years For Biting Opponent's Penis After A Match

Om nom nom?

We've seen athletes getting banned from participating in tournaments or sporting matches for a whole myriad of reasons: fighting, drugs and for bringing guns into the locker room (yikes).

For one footballer, he got banned because he couldn't resist putting something in his mouth.

'Case was quite original'

According to a report by Daily Mail, an amateur football player in France has been handed a five year suspension for biting an opponent's penis during a scuffle.

The unfortunate biting incident reportedly took place after a second division match between Terville and Soetrich last November.

Players from both teams gathered after the match in the stadium car park and a player from each side got into a fight. A Terville player reportedly stepped in between them to calm things down.

Instead of calming down, the Soetrich player decided to chomp down on the peacemaker's crown jewels.

The victim reportedly received about 10 stitches and had to take four days off work.

Maybe he was just hungry?
Emmanuel Saling, an official from the Mosellan football district, told the news site that because the "case was quite original", the disciplinary committee had to call in an expert witness before meting out the five-year suspension.

The injured Terville player, meanwhile, reportedly got a six-month ban.

To add salt to injury, the match ended in a 1-1 draw, which would have given Terville their first point of the season. Instead, they were given a two-point deduction penalty and a €200 (RM913) fine because Terville failed to meet their safety obligations as hosts.

Guess it wasn't a really good week for Terville.

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