Indonesian Official: "Strong Sperm" Can Make Women Pregnant In Swimming Pools

Indonesians are pissed off!

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Indonesian Official:

The curious Indonesian "super sperm"

It is the year 2020, and a government official who's also a university lecturer in Indonesia just released a statement saying that women can get impregnated when swimming in a pool with "excited" men.

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away, ET 1 (who has been spying on earth) tells ET 2: "I give up, humans are obviously not worth our time!" 

We totally agree with ET 1 and cannot believe that statements like these are still being made in this day and age!

According to Mashable South East Asia, the woman, Sitti Hikmawatty, who works for The Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children (KPAI) was recorded making the statement during a video interview with Tribun Jakarta.


"There is an especially strong type of sperm that can possibly cause pregnancy. Men with this specific type of sperm who become sexually aroused and ejaculate at the sight of other women in the swimming pool can cause them to be pregnant even without penetration."

She then goes on to say,"Even without penetration, men may become sexually excited [by women in the pool] and ejaculate, therefore causing a pregnancy.”


If you're going "really ah?", DON'T! THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION! For a more in-depth answer, please read this article by Planned Parenthood

Just to be clear, you cannot and will never be able to get pregnant when you swim with men in a swimming pool! 

Indonesians angered by statement

Appalled by her statements, Indonesians have been banding together, calling for her immediate resignation using the hashtag #PecatSittiHikmawatty.





Following hundreds of angered comments and a barrage of hilarious memes and posts, Sitti Hikmawatty finally retracted her ridiculous statements.

She later urged members of the public to refrain from spreading the inaccurate information that she made.  


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