Car-Sized Armadillo Fossils Discovered Near Dried Up Riverbed In Argentina

That’s massive!

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Car-Sized Armadillo Fossils Discovered Near Dried Up Riverbed In Argentina and Mirian Marinich on Facebook

What a find!

Fossils of car-sized armadillos have been discovered in Argentina recently.

According to Unilad, the prehistoric remains of the creatures called glyptodonts are believed to be around 20,000-years-old.

They were discovered at the bottom of a dried-out riverbed in Buenos Aires.

A surprise by the riverbed.

Archaeologist Pablo Messineo and his team of scientists who investigated the site said they were expecting to find only two fossils, but they were more.

"We went there expecting to find two glyptodonts when the excavation started and then two more were found!"

"It is the first time there have been four animals like this on the same site. Most of them were facing the same direction like they were walking towards something," he said.

Lots more digging to do.The guy in green is going "What in the world?"

Messineo added that he believed, from the size of the fossils, there were two adults and two 'younglings'.

A surprising find.
The four gigantic fossils.

The fossils are believed to have weighed around 1,000 kg and the research team will study them further to establish their age, sex and possible cause of death.

According to, Glyptodons were heavily armoured creatures which had shells resembling turtles but composed of bony plates much like armadillos.

The Glyptodon's tail (also covered in thick armour) was used as a lethal club against enemies.  

An illustration of the Glyptodon
How cool!

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