S'porean Gives Birth On The Way To Hospital, Birth Certificate Lists Place Of Birth As “Inside Jeep”


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S'porean Gives Birth On The Way To Hospital, Birth Certificate Lists Place Of Birth As “Inside Jeep”
Facebook/Sindhu RK Johnson

He's now known as the Jeep baby.

By now, you guys have probably have probably read the viral story about the baby who was born with a scowl on her face

While that baby seemed displeased that she had to leave her mother’s womb, another baby in Singapore seemed to be in such a rush to see the world that he couldn’t wait for his mum to reach the hospital first.

'Takes the ultimake cake'

According to a report by Malay Mail, the incident took place six months ago.

The baby, James Arjuna Mcqueen Johnson, was born in his family vehicle while his mum Sindhu RK Johnson was rushing to the hospital.

As a result, the toddler's birth certificate lists his place of birth as “inside a Jeep on PIE (Pan Island Expressway) after Anak Bukit flyover”.

That's actually pretty thorough.

She has the birth cert to prove it!
Sindhu related the incident via a Facebook post last week, saying that although many knew her "for being daring, doing things out of the norm, and being a risk-taker but this incident takes the ultimate cake".

She said all she did was a full squat to kiss her dog good night when her contractions suddenly started.

She woke up her husband and they immediately rushed to the hospital. However, she said she was frustrated that her husband chose to drive their Jeep.

“Climbing up this high vehicle, I broke my water bag and I assume it just sped up the labour.

“I knew I was going to deliver in the car although I didn’t tell my husband what I was feeling so as not to panic him.”

Taking the Jeep may not be the best idea.
Sindhu shared that when she had the urge to push, she had no choice but to do exactly that.

“I just had to trust my gut and push and there he came, after two pushes.

“This Ninja Turtle-looking human who didn’t cry at first for like 30 seconds but I did, hysterically. Startled by my wail, Ninja Turtle shrieked and started wailing too. Phew, he was good.”

Thakfully, the jeep arrived in the hospital 20 minutes later and her baby was handled by the medical staff there.

Good to know things turned out well, and little James would have an epic story to tell his friends when he grows up.

You can read Sidhu's full post here:


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