Help! Blood Type A And B Urgently Needed By Our Blood Bank

Take note guys!

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Help! Blood Type A And B Urgently Needed By Our Blood Bank

Donate today.

What’s your blood type?

If it’s blood type A or B, then take note!

There is a pressing need for blood type A and B as stock on both types are running low.

The News Straits Times, quoting Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) medical officer Dr Praveena Sharmugham, reported that the country had a healthy supply of blood type O but was running out of blood type A and B.

“We welcome everyone to donate blood,” she said.

Many false presumptions relating to women and donating blood.

More men than women donors

Dr Praveena also added that currently more men, as opposed to women, were donors, and this could be due to certain false perceptions.

One such false presumption is that women who breastfeed or are having their menstrual period should not donate blood.

"There is no issue of `female problem’ as long as you fulfil the conditions to donate. We encourage women to come and donate their blood," she said.

If you're worried about being at risk to Covid-19, Dr Praveena said that strict precautions were being taken to ensure that donors are healthy.

To check on if you're healthy enough to donate blood, read the requirements by the National Blood Bank.

So, if you meet the requirements and you're the right blood type group, donate now and help save lives!


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