Malaysian Man Takes On Additional Job To Feed Stray Cats

Bless him!

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Malaysian Man Takes On Additional Job To Feed Stray Cats

Such a sweetheart!

While most have us have 9 to 5 jobs and think of how tired we are at the end of the day, there are other people to juggle two jobs to make ends meet.

One such person is Mohamad Azhar Alias.

The selfless man, however, took up two jobs, not for himself, but to feed stray cats.


According to Malay Mail which quoted a report in Harian Metro, Mohamad Azhar, 43, who works with his wife at their baking business, also works as a part-time road cleaner, just to have a little bit of extra income to feed the stray cats.

“I was working as an executive at the Human Resource Department previously until 2005 before resigning and joining my wife’s baking business in 2008.

“But lately the business had dropped, and I decided to work part-time so that I can continue to feed the cats especially those abandoned along the highway,” he said.

Wife didn't agree to second job

Azhar also said his wife, Samsida Mohd Ali, 50, initially did not agree that he worked as a cleaner.

“She asked me to look for other jobs as I used to work in an office.

“She was worried I could not get used to it, but the main reason I chose to work at the highway is due to its flexible hours,” he said.

Flexible working hours.

Azhar spends about RM1,500 monthly for his feeding supplies and provides about 3.5kg of cat food daily around Templer Park Interchange, Rawang and its surrounding areas.

Bless this man!

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