Thank You Abang Bomba: Picture Of Exhausted Johor Fireman Goes Viral

Just another day in the life of a fireman.

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Thank You Abang Bomba: Picture Of Exhausted Johor Fireman Goes Viral

Such dedication and sacrifice. Thank you Abang Bomba.

Imagine spending approximately 13 hours fighting fires and inhaling thick smoke - all the while putting your life in danger.

It's no wonder a picture of an exhausted looking fireman involved in putting out the flames at a recent blaze in Pasir Gudang has been going viral.

Unsung hero

Taking a short break.
Netizens have been sharing images of PBK II Kamarulzaman Salleh from the Tebrau Fire and Rescue Department in Johor and showering praises on the efforts put in by the fire and rescue officials in general.


Netizen Muhammad Syafiq said: "Thank you to all the fire and rescue officials involved. Your sacrifice and service can never be rewarded with money. Only God can repay it,"


Syafiq Azeez commented:" I have seen firefighters in action. Unfortunately, the person in charge did not allow me to record them. They are so agile. It is true what people say about small fires being your friends and how big ones, even if you stood 10 meters away, can burn the hair on your arm,"


"I once attended a fire fighting course organised by a factory. The course was for three days, and it was so tiring. Some people fainted. It was in the hot sun, and we had to deal with fire and wear a thick safety jacket. Our whole bodies were dripping with sweat. Just from that course, I can roughly estimate what the situation is like for our firemen. I salute all our firemen," said Danish Suhaimi.

Hundreds of others also commended the efforts of the Fire and Rescue Department officials and prayed that God keeps them safe always.

Massive fire

As for the fire in Johor, it took approximately 60 officials and 12 vehicles from the department to put it out.

According to a report by The Star Online, firefighters rushed to the scene after receiving a distress call at around 5.37am on Sunday (1 March).

The fire was additionally challenging to control as it occurred at a recycling factory at the Pasir Gudang industrial area.

Working together to put out the blaze.

Dealing with all that thick smoke for hours!

The fire lasted for more than 13 hours.

Operation commander Mohamad Faizul Selamat said firefighters had to use foam to put out the blaze as most of the items there were highly flammable. 

Well done to everyone involved and a huge thank you to all the Abang Bomba in Malaysia. 

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