Model Goes Partially Blind After Tattooing Her Eyeballs Black

Why would anyone do this?

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Model Goes Partially Blind After Tattooing Her Eyeballs Black


A model from Poland has reportedly gone blind in one eye and may lose sight in the other after she had her eyeballs tattooed black!
According to a report in Philippine Daily Inquirer, quoting a report from The Sun, Aleksandra Sadowska was inspired to tattoo her eyeballs after watching her favourite rapper Popek do it.

The 25-year-old reportedly had her eyeballs tattooed in 2016, after which she experienced a sharp pain in her eyes.
The tattoo artist, known as Piotr, told her that the sensation was normal and advised her to take painkillers.

Problems with both her eyes

Despite following his instructions, the pain did not subside. What's worse was that she went completely blind in her right eye and was rapidly losing sight in her left eye.
It was later revealed that Piotr had mistakenly used ink meant for tattooing skin on the model's eyes.

Now both her eyes are in trouble. 
Sadowska's lawyers said that there is clear evidence that the tattoo artist did not know how to perform such a delicate procedure, but he went on with it.
The tattoo artist has since been charged for unintentionally severely disabling Sadowska, and could face up to three years in jail upon conviction.
Lessons to learn from this whole episode:
  1. Never go to a tattoo artist called Piotr
  2. Never trust a tattoo artist called Piotr
  3. And for goodness sake, DO NOT partake in crazy acts like tattooing your eyeballs! It's not worth it!

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