Fly Birdie Fly! Pigeon Makes Surprise Appearance Onboard Indian Airplane

It was hiding in the luggage compartment

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Fly Birdie Fly! Pigeon Makes Surprise Appearance Onboard Indian Airplane

I believe I can fly!

Flying on a plane can be a scary experience for a lot of people.

What with the fear of heights, and the constant fear of crashing.

Just imagine adding a panicked pigeon to the mix! As you can expect, all hell broke loose.

Attack of the pigeon

This was exactly what happened recently on a GoAir flight in northern India.

According to a report in Unilad, a rogue stowaway pigeon somehow boarded a commercial flight heading to Jaipur and suddenly appeared, causing panic among the airline staff and passengers alike.

A video emerged online showing the pigeon flying through the cabin and causing havoc as people attempted to avoid its path.

It emerged from the luggage compartment

“Every one of us boarded the plane. When the flight gates were shut, and a passenger opened the luggage shelf, suddenly we were shocked to witness a pigeon fly out of there,” said a passenger.

The surprised flight crew could only watch helplessly as the bird darted here and there.

The groud staff were later informed and they eventually managed to eject the pigeon from the aircraft.

So much drama.
The commotion caused a half an hour delay for the flight, but GoAir has since disputed this on Twitter saying that its crew ‘immediately got the pigeon removed from the aircraft’ and ‘the flight took off as per its scheduled time of 17:00 hours’.

The airline later issued an apology on the unexpected incident.

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