London Couple Create Fake Lap For Super Clingy Pet Cat

Brilliant idea!

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London Couple Create Fake Lap For Super Clingy Pet Cat
Dodo / Unilad

It actually worked!

Lockdown day 1: 

Maya, your pretty little tabby is delighted that you're at home and just wants to spend all day chilling on your lap. Awwwwww

Lockdown day 9:

Your hot, annoyed and want some space but Maya is still there trying to climb on your lap. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah

Pets are adorbs but clingy ones can sometimes drive you up the wall.

If you have a clingy tabby, why not try what this couple in London did. 

Fake it till you make it

Rebecca May and her husband, Alex, created a fake lap for their clingy cat Ziggy.

What an idea!

The couple never had an issue with Ziggy until they started working from home.

Ziggy would always want their attention and would climb onto their working desk and on their laptop, making work difficult.

An ingenious idea

To make the fake lap, Alex used a pair of his trousers, stuffed them, so they resembled human legs, and then added shoes and a pillow to create a stomach.

He also added a heating pad to it so that it could exude the warmth of a human body.

I just want to be close to you.

“(Alex) thought that creating a decoy would be funny, but I don’t think he expected it to actually work. Harley (Ziggy’s sister) was totally uninterested, but Ziggy loved it.

“She needs warmth and to feel protected, we think,” said Rebecca speaking to Dodo as quoted by Unilad.

Sooooo, if you have that adorable little pet that just won't give you space at home, try la this technique. 

Let us know if it works!


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